Traffic Engineering

We give A complete solutions for Traffic engineering

We being expert in Traffic and Transportation Engineering provide effective transportation planning through pinpointed survey and analysis of traffic, aiming to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways.

Our services in the Traffic engineering sector adheres to the purpose of finding Capacity Analysis, Traffic Demand Estimates and forecasting Impact Analysis, Traffic Facility Design, Pavement Design, Bye-pass Study and Transport Economics which all together ensure achieving safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways. BPC performs all conventional traffic surveys which is reliable to capture the traffic characteristics which are important in a wide range of decision-making processes in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the transport system for both Urban and Rural area.

BPC provides transportation solutions to both the private and public sectors covering all medium of transportation including rail, maritime (ports and harbors), roads, highways, campuses, and intermodal transport. The backbone of our successful rendition of transportation projects is the multifaceted teams. We form integrated teams consisting transport planners, land use experts, environmental and geotechnical specialists, civil and coastal engineers, architects, systems specialists and economic experts. We focus mainly on research for safe and efficient traffic flow which include analysis of road geometry, bye-pass necessity, sidewalks and crosswalks, cycling infrastructure, traffic signs, road surface marking and traffic light etc.

Traffic Survey

We have our in house expert in providing the complex Transport Modeling and simulating traffic flows to optimize traffic movement keeping the travel time and demand in proper consideration.

We find out the symptoms, make a competent diagnosis, analyze the system, build the statistics, examine conditions and facilities, conducts studies and offer Practical solutions for improving mobility, accessibility, safety and management

BPC undertake the following surveys:

  • Mid block volume count (Classified Traffic Volume Count)
  • Turning Movement volume Count
  • O-D Survey
  • Axle Load Survey
  • Stated revealed preference Survey
  • Parking Survey
  • Truck Lay Bye Survey
  • Pedestrian and Animal Volume Count Survey
  • Willingness to pay Survey
  • Spot Speed and network Speed-delay Survey
  • Junction Delay, Control Delay Survey
  • Saturation flow
Instruments & Technology
ATCC Servoline Data Analyser Sidra Software ITS

Transport and Urban Planning

We are experienced in Developing strategic and sustainable policies, plans and processes to ensure that transport meets future economical, social and environmental expectations.

Transport Solutions

We are having expertise in Resolving transport challenges through the design and application of innovative technical and engineering solutions.

Transport Modeling

We have our in house expert in providing the complex Transport Modeling and simulating traffic flows to optimize traffic movement keeping the travel time and demand in proper consideration.

Traffic Management

We are very much experienced in providing solutions at smart and effective traffic management, Continually improving strategic road and highway networks, ports and harbors, rail and associated public assets to minimize traffic congestion ensuring speed and safety.

Road Safety Consultation

We have very sound expertise in providing different level of detailed safety services such as providing recommendations by observing the existing physical information along with the condition of all the elements in the project's influence area including utility survey.

In case of road infrastructure safety a road consists of links, junctions, terminal and parking spaces that have a turn in defining safety. The physical characteristics that influence safety include its current geometrics and pavement structure, traffic controls (signs, signals, road markings, and parking restrictions),sidewalks, shoulders, adjacent land use, service provision (for example, gas, water, electricity, telephones) and the intensity of non-traffic activities which encroach upon road space (for example, hawkers, builder's materials, market stalls etc). All those parameters are sharply observed at site by our experts to provide recommendations.

Whereas, for Bridges and culverts we detect structural and functional deficiencies to minimize the probability of structural failure and to improve safety, therefore, prelim recommendations are given regarding the replacement or repairing of tested parts allowing clients to make right decisions regarding cost and alternatives. Our team is equipped with all necessary tools to assess the need for safety in Highways or new alignment or 3R type and traffic projects. Also to mention, our clients don't have to worry about downtime if one of our safety professionals becomes unavailable due to illness or time off as we have the ability to provide coverage when needed.

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