We are experienced in Developing strategic and sustainable policies, plans and processes to ensure that transport meets future economical, social and environmental expectations.

Kochi Smart City Transport Related Land Use Model

1500KM Highway Strategic Option Study of entire West Bengal

Jamshedpur Industrial City Urban Transport System Planning Conceptual Aspect

Urban transport planning is to generate alternatives for improving transportation system to meet future demand and selecting the best alternative after proper evaluation.

We are having expertise in Resolving transport challenges through the design and application of innovative technical and engineering solutions.

Starting from reconnaissance for assessment of field condition, study of road linkage network, proposed development plans, and final selection and prioritisation of road linkage to be improved and recommendation regarding by-pass, grade separators etc. Extensive road network studies have been carried out by BPC INDIA.

  • Smart City Project Trip Generation, Trip Distribution and Mode Choice Modelling.

  • City Development Travel Demand Forecasting of Public Transport

  • Urban TransportationPlanning, Operation and Management

Feature Services

Greater congestion and delays are prevalent in Indian cities and indicate the seriousness of transport problems; The Urban Transport Planning includes.

  • City Transport Balance.
  • Integration multi model network / System
  • Coordination of Single mode network / system
  • Planning / design, operation of single facility.

BPC believes the transportation system plays a vital role in the standard of living and economic success of an area, development or institution.

  • Pro-active action for collecting information/data for either enabling a decision making process or for executing an activity in a Project
  • Conceptual Stage
  • A technically feasible, pragmatic & cost-effective option is identified
  • Various important features and information en-route that may affect the Project anyway are identified
  • Desk-Top study is carried out to identify various alternatives
  • Verification of ground truth
  • Establishing Ground Control Points
  • Land-use pattern
  • Development/expansion plan, of various Authorities
  • Unit rates of Materials and Manpower
  • Information/ data/ sketch/ documentation are collected , Few alternatives are chalked outs

Traffic Impact Studies

Wide variety of clients, including: retail centers, hotels, office complexes, mixed-use developments, event centers, a variety of commercial land uses, and rural and urban cities.

Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis

Includes examining existing and future traffic volumes, pedestrian volumes, signal coordination and accident data.

Our Infrastructure

Through smart planning and collaboration with IIT KGP, we work with our clients to make the right choices for their needs, finding effective and sustainable strategies.