BPC INDIA is an acknowledged leader in the topographical survey market of India and Kolkata, with its core activity based on the three major principles like; technological effectiveness and productivity.

20 LocationsEarthen dam Project

25Oil and Gas Project

4500 KMNational Highway and Rural Road DPR PRojects

1000 KMRailway Projects in very steep Terrain

Expertise to create 3D models of engineering objects and structures, digital elevation models, digital plans, and maps of any scale of high quality and at the earliest possible date.

Every designing or construction starts with topographical survey development which is created with reference to the results of topographic mapping. The general plan in the form of geological symbols reflects underground, surface facilities and natural objects, and also communication lines and possible buildings on the requested territory.

DGPS uses a network of fixed, ground-based reference stations to broadcast the difference between the positions indicated by the Gps satellite systems and the known fixed positions providing an accuracy of as less as 10 cm if can be handled properly. These stations broadcast the difference between the measured satellite pseudoranges and actual (internally computed) pseudoranges, and receiver stations may correct their pseudoranges by the same amount. The digital correction signal is typically broadcasted locally over ground-based transmitters of shorter range.

Total Station is an electronic instrument that measure slant distances, horizontal and vertical angles and distances very accurately and data stored in this instrument provides output in X,Y,Z format i.e Northing, Easting and Elevation. This instrument once set up on ground of known elevation and geographic coordinate can give the coordinates and elevations of other points on the ground within its range by the method of trigonometry and triangulation giving an accuracy of +/- 10mm to +/- 2mm.

  • Oil & Gas IndustryDigital Terrain Modeling

  • Electrical Energy IndustryContour map

  • Road transport IndustrySurvey and Design engineering

  • Railroad IndustryPreparation of Long and Cross Section

  • Forestry Orthophoto maps of 1:500 scale in Land development

  • Land managementDigital elevation model (DEM) as contour lines

  • Natural hazard management & environmental monitoring Relative Relief Maps

Aerial Mapping & LiDAR Survey

BPC INDIA boasts of the long unique experience of conducting works for the biggest companies in the variety of industries:

  • Full service on surveying of any scope in the shortest time;
  • Ability to conduct the works in any part of the world
  • Topographical mapping for inventory, land use and cadastral works
  • Land use with a view of cadastral registration of the land plots occupied along the roads
  • Preparation of the documents for property right registration
  • Orthophoto maps of 1:2000 scale at plants
  • Digital ground model (DGM) as laser reflection points
  • Digital air photos including oblique ones
  • Modeling true relief (ground surface) under canopy in any season. Detailed topographic plans and maps of territories without landmarks (tundra, completely snow covered areas, deserts, sand beaches, etc.)
  • Using oblique imagery allows creating photorealistic digital surface
  • This feature is mostly useful for modeling of city territories and complex infrastructure
  • Terrestrial laser scanning technology allows modeling engineering facilities of complicated structures with very high levels of accuracy
  • 3D – three dimensional (have XYZ coordinates which allow three dimensional positioning due to immediate and simultaneous data acquisition by on-board GPS receiver and GPS receivers based on the ground stations, Coordinate-referenced

Our Infrastructure

Application of the state-of-the-art highly accurate technologies of the 3D aerial, terrain scanning and bathymetry in concert with the digital aerial photography;


Oil & Gas Industry

Electrical Energy Industry

Road transport Industry

Railroad Industry


Land management

Architecture and city building


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  • NF Railway

  • JICA



  • PWD West Bengal

  • NHAI


  • PWD Meghalaya