Mobile LiDAR is an advanced mapping solution that incorporates the most advanced LiDAR sensors, cameras and position/navigation/DGPS receivers to collect survey grade 3D point cloud data quickly and accurately.

1000 KMFeasibility Study of NH Standard Roads

39 LocationsSlope Stability Analysis (70km Span)

500 KmFinal Location Survey of New BG Line.

5+ ProjectsUrban Development Projects

In keeping up with the latest technologies in surveying, BPC INDIA began researching and integrating Global Positioning Systems (GPS) related technologies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Land Information System (LIS), Digital Photogrammetric System (DPWS) and LiDAR in its progress towards industry recognition as a complete survey solutions provider.

BPC INDIA is the leading geotechnical consultant in Kolkata, has core strength of the comprehensive and optimal geotechnical solution in varied and challenging site conditions. This is achieved by using a truly integrated approach with clients to identify project requirements, undertake complex geotechnical studies and Core capabilities offered by the team are engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and Numerical Analysis in 2D and 3D for design optimization of the different foundation for infrastructure projects like Tunnels, Major Bridges, High embankments, Buildings, Steel plants, electrical / Solar power plants, Earthen Dams, Hydropower project, towers and Foundations for heavy load-bearing structures in different large waterways and Hilly terrain.

The system has been tested in many real projects for absolute accuracy With Industry leading laser quality, GNSS receiver, IMU, DMI and competent Software which we have had with in-house R&D and with proper planning, absolute accuracy achievable will satisfy the engineering requirements. This mobile lidar system is the best solution on the market for surveying and engineering projects where accuracy, precision and overall cost-effectiveness are paramount. Measurement rate of 1.2 million measurements per second, a 360° unobstructed field of view, engineering grade precision and ability to control several integrated cameras. Alongside, BPCIPL team maintains continuous monitoring of various components for quality assurance.

  • Highway Engineering Design to As-built Comparison of Surface Profile

  • Railway EngineeringDetail Alignment design including Tunnel Alignment

  • Geological MappingAccurate Terrain Data Collection for Contour preparation

  • Slope Stability AnalysisIdentification of Failure Location

  • Urban Mapping for PlanningPinpoint Road Asset Mapping

  • INVENTORY & ASSET MANAGEMENTAssessing the Condition of Road Assets

3D Mobile LiDAR Mapping Services

LiDAR -Light Detection And Ranging - is regarded as the most powerful technology for delivering highly accurate terrain data in a timely and cost-effective manner in plain as well as in remote hilly areas.

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Mobile LiDAR is a process by which the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging ) Machine is mounted on a movable vehicle which also consists of a navigation sensor ( DGPS ) and imaging sensor.
  • This combined system provides georeferenced 3D point cloud data, digital maps, images and videos with an overall accuracy of about +/- 2 cm.
  • Mobile LiDAR is an advanced mapping solution that incorporates the most advanced LiDAR sensors, cameras and position/navigation/DGPS receivers to collect survey grade 3D point cloud data quickly and accurately which can further be used for land mapping, cartography, exploration, construction work, spatial planning and forest management etc.
  • 3D Point Clouds indicating the vertical structure of the natural as well as man-made substances.

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Engineering Grade Mobile LiDAR mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile vehicle which intre, typically fitted with LiDAR remote sensing systems. Such systems are composed of an integrated array of time synchronized navigation sensors (survey grade DGPS) and imaging sensors mounted on a mobile platform.

The primary output after pre-processing from such systems include; geo-referenced 3D point cloud data, digital maps, images and videos. The overall accuracy of the data which can be easily achieved is about +/- 2 cm.

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