BPC offers Bathymetric Survey for a range of Hydrographic application of navigation channel including river training works and development of Ports, river terminals, riverine structure.

50+Bathymetry Projects for Major Bridge Design

20+Dam Profile

BPC offers a laser scanning solution for challenging topographic surveys to collect high-precision and high-accuracy data over large spatial extents.

3D laser scanning can be used efficiently for scanning proposed roads in hilly terrains which are normally inaccessible and can’t be surveyed with a total station due to high vegetation. As per project demand, we use 3D Laser scanner for constructing a digital three-dimensional model to provide the shape of 3D objects. Laser scanner use may be either active or passive scanners. Active scanners emit light, ultrasound or X-ray and detect its reflection or radiation while passive scanners detect reflected ambient radiation. Beside creating 3D modeling, the Laser scanner is also capable of topographic scanning, non- destructive testing of structures, and creating point cloud data of geometric surface.

LiDAR is an active optical remote sensing system emitting laser pulses, which are partially reflected by the ground. The distance between the sensor and the ground surface is measured by multiplying the velocity of the laser with the time elapsed between sending and receiving the laser pulse. LiDAR systems have the unique capability of measuring the three-dimensional structure of the Earth surface in great spatial detail. LiDAR mapping or '3D laser scanning' is basically a technology to make high-resolution maps, with applications in geodesy/geomatics, with terrestrial, airborne & mobile mapping methods.

  • Hydrological Modeling River Bed profile and Hydrological data

  • Dam Engineering Water reservoir bed profile

Service and Features

BPC survey team brings the latest hydrographic survey techniques to provide single beam, multibeam, side scan and sub-bottom survey services in different marine environments.

  • Survey capabilities include real-time kinematic positioning accurate to within 2cm, with real water level and heave compensation
  • High-resolution single beam acoustic data for bathymetric mapping for rivers, ponds, lakes and coastal environment
  • The acoustic sub-bottom profiling will help determine sediment distribution, volume, thickness and accumulation rate of rivers, reservoirs and coastal environment
  • Depth points of the river bed
  • Velocity Map of the river
  • Bathymetry map of the river bed
  • Change in the river beds over multiple surveys

Our Infrastructure

Modern Acoustic Depth-sounding Instruments (ADCP) and RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GPS equipment mounted to a floating raft, The newest generation of acoustic Doppler current profilers have upto 5 acoustic beams acquiring spatially distributed samples of water depth including velocity column data, thus greatly increasing the resolution and quality of the data without any increased man-hours in the field.




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