Road Asset Management Solution

In developing nations like India the road environment is quite complex and heterogeneous in nature So, collection and accurate processing of roadway data along thousands kilometer long road to make the best possible decisions for road maintenance, safety, and management, in such a heterogeneous surrounding, a big challenge, is something we at BPC INDIA do best. Data collection along the roadway by various data collection methods gives important information to identify the issues impacting corridor Management.

Network survey vehicle is used for Mapping of Highway, Structure Condition survey through Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit and non-destructive testing including inventory and condition assessment is the primary concern of corridor management.

Mobile LiDAR with a digital imaging system is being used to gather data which after post-processing generates strip plan, horizontal and vertical profile, all other asset within and beyond ROW including abutting land use and deficient geometry. This also calls for riding quality of pavement, Existing Traffic Characteristics and capacity of the corridor, Speed-flow-density analysis, Road Safety Review of the Corridor, Junction, and median opening, Facilities for commercial vehicles. Thus all data being used to form a performance matrix help identifying the gaps in corridor efficiency for prioritization of interventions to improve corridor efficiency.

Road Monitoring & Maintenance

Topographic Surveys along the Existing Right of Way (ROW): using LiDAR , Extraction of details for all features such as structures (bridges, culverts etc.) utilities, existing roads, electric and telephone installations (both O/H as well as underground), huts, buildings, fencing and trees (with girth greater than 0.3metre) oil and gas lines etc. falling within the extent of survey. whereas pavement data such as cracking, rutting, pothole and subgrade strength and Falling weight deflectometer test, Highway Assets/ Roadside Furniture including Road signs and signals; Kilometer stones; Guardrails; Crash barriers; Delineators; Guideposts; Road Markings etc shall be gathered. For effective maintenance, in service pavement have to be evaluated to establish the nature, severity and extent of road deterioration, the cause and the existing strength of pavement. This information together with material and field test result should be used to identify the maintenance measure.

Our Road Information System unites more than a decade of experience for data acquisition and tool for interpreting the data to meet the needs and schedules of modern projects.

The 3D Pavement Surface LiDAR System specifically developed for Road Condition Assessment completely independent from limitations regarding the speed of the mobile survey platform while offering utmost measuring accuracy in the sub-mm range. The system can detect the smallest irregularities of the pavement surface and comes with a software solution to generate images and to provide full 3D road surface models.

Sector & Industry
  • Highway
  • Steel Pant
  • Bridge & Flyover
  • Power & Energy
  • Waterway
  • Smart City
  • Industrial Park
  • Forest & Environment
  • Tunnel
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Irrigation
  • Defence
  • Oil & Gas
  • Port & Harbour
  • Railway

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