Soil investigation for Sagardighi thermal power plant in West Bengal Location: Manigram Village, Sagardighi P1194

An initiation by WBPDCL to conserve solar and water simultaneously making both of them energy efficient for sustainable development.The project was awarded to GrowEngineering Organization further it was entrusted by CIEL to BPC India. to conduct Geotechnical Investigation & Foundation Analysis.

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The triangular tract of Murshidabad, (district of West Bengal, in eastern India) , presents regional homogeneity and is provided by ample water of the Ganges and its tributaries,which favorably helped the agriculture to thrive, thereby supporting the economy greatly.

The projected aimed for conservation of Energy
E= mc2 (Where E= Enviromental Policy, m= Minimize Enviromental Impact,C=Comply with regulations C=Conserve Natural Resources), thus implementation of FLOATING PV PLANT, HYDRELIO System was approved. Sagardighi Thermal Power Station site is located at Manigram Village, 13 KM north of Sagardighi town by the side of the SMGR(Sagardighi-Manigram-Gankar–Raghunathganj). The application to 'solar, on water' has major constraint and the study for Sub Soil Exploration included soil stratification, strength and characteristics of different strata based on which suitability of different types of foundation. It was accomplished by borehole studies including field & laboratory tests.

Key Features

Floating Solar Solutions is particularly suitable for water and energy-intensive organizations – industries and farms – for whom land and water are valuable. Irrigation reservoirs, hydroelectric dams, water treatment surfaces or drinking water sites,quarry lakes or tailing ponds, aquaculture ponds or even floodplains, all are examples of applications that industries can use to meet their energy needs by taking advantage of the synergy between the Solar and water.