Geological, Geophysical investigation and testing for Study of Feasibility for adopting Concrete Gravity Dam including sediment management Location: Bhutan P1032

The work of geological and geotechnical investigation for feasibility study for adopting concrete gravity dam including sediment management of Asia's second largest hydroelectric power project – Sankosh Hydroelectric project in Bhutan was entrusted to BPC Consultant India Pvt. Ltd.

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The services that was provided by our firm included ground surveys and investigations, geotechnical investigation of bridges, investigation for bridge foundations resting on Rock by drilling through rocks, Conducting SPT, UCS and point load tests, evaluation of ground water levels in the borings, chemical analysis of soil and water samples for concrete design, permeability test and preparation of detailed Geotechnical report. Multi-Channel Analysis of surface wave test had been conducted to find out the seismic connectivity with the proposed construction.