Design of 312 KM National Highway from Jhirka Firojpur in Haryana to Muhana in Madhya Pradesh Location: Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh P1172

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has entrusted Public Works Department (PWD), Rajasthan with the assignment of Project Management Consultancy Phase I including preparation of Detailed Project Report of selected stretches/ corridors of National Highways/ State Roads (approved “In Principle” for declaration of National Highways) for two laning/ four laning with paved shoulder configuration for further development of the transportation system of the state.

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The work of Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study/ Detailed Engineering Report for Construction of Two Lane with Paved Shoulder Newly Proposed National Highway Roads from Jhirka Firojpur (Haryana) - Pahadi - Nagar - Khedli - Mahuwa - Hindaun - Karauli - Mandrayal - Muhana (in MP On Nh-47) of Length - 312 Km has been entrusted to BPC Consultant India Pvt. Ltd.

The project corridor starts at Firojpur Jhirkra in Nuh district in the state of Haryana and terminates at Mohana village in Ghatigaon Tehsil in Gwalior District of Madhya Pradesh State. The project road passes through important towns of Nagar in Bharatpur district, Khedli in Alwar district, Bachhren, Mahwa in Dausa district, Hindaun City, Karauli, Madrayal in Karauli district of Rajasthan and Bijeypur in Madhya Pradesh.

The scope of topographical work included construction of TBM pillars, establishing Primary Traverse using DGPS Survey and 3D point cloud data capture using survey grade Mobile Mapping System, including standard feature extraction work using Terra solid software for 312 km National Highway No. 47, with LiDAR data coverage upto 30 m on either side of road centre line or upto the visual restriction, whichever lesser as per actual site conditions.

Structure Inventory, Roughness Survey, BBD Survey and Subgrade Soil and Material Investigation also was under the scope of our project.