• Entrepreneur
  • Tusharsubhra De

    Mr. Tusharsubhra DeExecutive Director(Technical)

    The man,to hit the road as a post graduate from IIT Kharagpur and continued his journey by providing consultancy to Highway and transportation.His expertise in Transportation Engineering includesTraffic impact studies, Traffic modeling & analysis, Construction traffic control, Traffic signal analysis and Pavement and Geometrics of Highways and streets, provides an exact solution to the clients. His immense believe in Karmayoga inspires the youth of the Organisation.

  • Kalyan S Gayen

    Mr. Kalyan S GayenExecutive Director

    The man with a disctint thought, to create employability for dynamic youth of the Nation,made him the Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of BPC Group. He shares his rich Professional experience of more than 15 Years as a Technocrat for infrastructural projects.The essense of his knowledge enriches the team for making the organisation better.His love for Music, art & sports always encourages all sort of cultural activities in the organisation.

  • Palash Samanta

    Mr. Palash Samanta Managing Director, Admin Operation

    The Roadie, who is eager to take risk and challenges, thus involved in Project Operation Management at different sites loctaions.He shares his more than 14 years of experience in leading topographical survey as well as highway engineering field works. His passion about work philosophy is greatly admired by clients in every sector. At his leisure,he enjoys reading books and shares his knowledge of learing with the team.

  • Leadership
  • Dipak Ranjan Bhattacharya

    Mr. Dipak Ranjan Bhattacharyya Director

    The Chartered Accountant ,Learned Literarian & logophile is engaged in developing Technical Pursuits to enrich business posiblities for different sectors by conducting market research and business analysis, in order to create a steady brand image.Having an experience of almost two decades in Financial Analysis/Consulting/ Due Diligence shares his experience in developing the plan for the entire project.

  • Dipankar Chakraborty

    Mr. Dipankar Chakraborty Advisor

    The adroit leader is M.tech, specialised in Structural Engineering, from IIEST Shibpur & retired Superintendent Engineer from WB Govt, owns an experience of 35 years in Highway, Bridge, Building and associated with various type of work from planning, design, estimation, execution to supervision and contract management.He innovated and intergraded various type cost effective guard wall for NRRDA.

  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar

    Dr. Rakesh Kumar Independent Director

    The personnel embarked his journey as a Doctorate from IIT,Delhi, continued to provide his expertise in design of large infrastructure, rail, road, metro, hydro & thermal projects of India & internationally including design of large underground caverns and tunnels. His excellence in softwares UDEC, FLAC 2D & 3D, PLAXIS 2D & 3D, , SLOPE-W, SEEP-W, SLIDE, NISA, UNWEDGE, Visual FEA, WALLAP, STAAD Pro, DIPS.Two of his achievements, Leadership Award (2016-17) by Indian Geotechnical Society Delhi Elsev & Leadership Award (2016-17) by Indian & Geotechnical Society Delhiier Publishers (World’s leading journal).

  • Mr. Prabal SarkarAdvisor

    The proficient professional in construction for more than 30 years in highly competitive environment and always striving for excellence. He is skilled in handling projects of every scale. His expertise in the field of business development , project management, contract management and recognised the need of management tools leading him to research new technologies and developing software for Workface Planning, reporting and simulation capabilities.

  • Sourav Dasgupta

    Mr. Sourav Dasgupta Director, Lead,Technical

    The Philomath, as a project head always share the knowledge of new learning with his team and make them educate with latest technologies, further implementing them with Research and Development. With more than 10 years of experience ,having good understanding of Engineering surveys investigation he guides the team as project Leader in the field of Highway Engineering,Traffic Engineering,Geotechnical Engineering,Geospatial Engineering,Geophysical Study, Railway Engineering .

  • Jayanta Dhara

    Mr. Jayanta Dhara Director, Admin-Finance

    The eager beaver with his 12 years of experience plays a key role in Core Administration and is responsible for the overall financial activities in relation to Geotechnical, Geospatial, highway Enginnering and topographical surveys. His dedicated effort and spontaneous aid to develop new business by correctly identifying technical feasibility and Commercial Viabilities, makes him a divergent leader.

  • Management Team
  • Biswanath Manna DGM, Accounts

    The arbitrator, involved in analyzing the financial accounting,that they are in compliance with the company's rules and regulations,ensures the integrity of financial and Taxation .Further develop and implement policies, procedures, and best practices for the company.

  • Bholanath Maity AGM, GLC Division

    The Divergent Leader having more than 12 years work experience in designing with 2D & 3D, Collaborates with the team to establish timelines and budgets, as well as resolve problems,remains updated on industry and engineering standards for drawings of Highways, Bridges and Railway projects.

  • Rajkumar DharaAssociate Director (Geotech)

    The competent Leader with an experience over 11 years applies geotechnical principles to deliver practical , economical solutions, design execution, time. He creates opportunities for works including Geomechanic Testing ,Aggregate,Rock Testing,Cement Testing,Concrete Testing, Bitumen Testing,Water Quality Testing,Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

  • Nisith Patra Associate Director (Finance)

    The Crackerjack manages Financial operations for Highway and railway project sites.He uses the experience of 8 years for handling financial activities.As well as records the satutories for the organisation, enforces policies to minimize risk, ensuring that the company's financial report.He strategies the financial potential accurately.

  • Joytirmoy PakhiraAssociate Director (Instruments)

    The personnel having a good grip over soil, Geo Mechanics is responsible for site specific assembling of Geo-technical equipments Studying Root Cause to develop solution on instrument usage. He supports logistic for In-situ investigation for Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Geospatial Engineering, Geophysical.

  • Brojendranath Das

    Mr. Brojendranath DasHOD, IT

    The Divergent Leader, who is always keen in developing Global technologies coherent to civil engineering applications,Having more than 9 years experience in web and windows application, heartiestly provides technical guidance for development of software using latest technologies and tools.

  • Senior Manager
  • Dr. B.C. Mandal SM, Geologist

    Dr. B.C.Mandal pursued M.Tech from Norway, Ph.D. from University of Calcutta in Engineering Geology and served as Sr. Geotechnical Engineer in 16 different countries for last 26 years. He is very strong command in Geological / Geotechnical analysis for tunnels, underground structures, slopes, seepage and complex geotechnical problems. Thorough understanding of soil mechanics, rock mechanics and underground structures. Excellent liaisoning, client management and project management skills. Apart of this Dr. Mandal has published 18 research articles at national and international levels.

  • Appuraj PalDGM, Projects

    The dynamic man graduated from IIEST Shibpur shares his expertise to liaison with the client for components of Railway and highway design and plan & profile finalization. He is an expert in handling his team and strategise as a leader to build up new business. His favourite passtime is to indulge himself in sporty activities.

  • Geetashree PaulDGM, Projects

    The young perspicacious lady, specialised in Transportation and Road Asset Management interacts with the client, understands need and further takes part in Supervision Design and Construction activities. The interest of Travelling , and exploring new idea contributes to innovative activities within the organisation.

  • Manas DasDGM, Geo Science

    The Figure Head is passionate to be in the field of Geo-technical Engineering.He has immense knowledge about geotechnicall investigations thus makes realtime analysis, preparation & interpretation of testing Reports of Rock ,Soil , Foundation Designing.

  • Biplab MaityAGM, Project

    The Workaholic with keen interset of Topographic and Traffic Survey is responsible for the site establishments of different infrastructural projects by Surveying & Mapping, Infrastructure Asset Management and Geophysical Signal Analysis.

  • Ramkrishna Santra DGM, Projects

    The zestful man is always intrigued with electrical circuits. He contributes in overall geotechnical operations that includes field bore hole drilling supervising,field permeability test, ERT test. He easily interacts with different people thus liaise with the client in relation to Highway Engineering & Geotechnical Engineering.

  • Asish Sadhukhan DGM, Projects

    The exuberant is an expert in field related work that includes Geological Mapping,Slope Stabilization,Tunnel Profiling,Plate Load Test - PLT. He also oversees the day-to-day operations for Geo Techinal Engineering Projects.

  • Asim Jana AGM, Geotech

    The restless man with immense interest of gathering knowledge from sites uses the idea to develop solutions according to the requirement of the project involved in topographical Survey, Highway and Traffic Engineering, soil exploration projects. He liaises with the client to further monitor and review the design & drawings.

  • Biswarup Chatterjee AGM, Accounts

    The sedulous accountant is responsible for managing and analyzing accounting and financial data. He is proficient with fund transfer, bank reconciliation, and preparation of Final statement of accounts etc, also creating and managing budget by analysing revenue.

  • Pravas Maiti AGM, Projects

    The dedicated personnel has years of experience in Topographical and Hydrological surveys, provides and develops long term strategic planning and consultation for highway projects.

  • Dipak Baishya AGM, Projects

    The man with immense interest of earning knowledge from field operations, is an expert to conducts modern survey instruments like DGPS, TS, UAV, Drones, staking out of alignment, Preliminary Site Investigation.

  • Navajit Kakati AGM, Projects

    The man provides geotechnical and geological expertise and applies sophisticated approaches for screening-level studies for geophysical methods of survey for projects in Foundation Engineering.

  • Panchananda Santra Sr. Manager, Accounts

    Mr. Santra has vast experience in the field of financial management and accountancy. He also prepares final books and financial statements.

  • Panchanan Santra Sr. Manager, GLC Division

    The personnel who has a very good sense to Analyze, design and build technical solutions that deliver the client’s goal through his skills in CAD,creates detailed design documentation of Highway and Railway Projects with high-end designing software.

  • Mithun Shikari Sr. Manager, IT

    Mr. Shikari carries a rich experience in the department of Information Technology and Multimedia. He is involved in Web designing and providing technical assistance to the company.

  • Biswajit Maity Manager, SOM, Admin

    The energetic man is involved in core administrative work of the organistion. He has immense interest in computer hardware and software systems . He is skilled in handling Tender Documents in relation to Traffic Engineering & Geotechnical Engineering.

  • Mr. Koushik PalSM, Projects

    The highly spirited Civil Engineer from IIEST explores the latest technologies to use them in developing activities in the field of design of Phogrammetry, Surveys and Project planning, also liase with clients of railway, Traffic Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Geospatial Engineering Geophysical Study.

  • Sandip Ghosh SM, Geotech

    The Competent Civil Engineer eagerly involves himself in Laboratory testing of samples collected from projects sites and preparation of laboratory test result datasheets, the job involves Soil And Geomechanic Testing,Aggregate,Rock Testing,Cement Testing,Concrete Testing,Bitumen Testing,Water Quality Testing,Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

  • Tirthankar GhoshSOM, Projects

    The Erudite, whose aim involves field planning and defining scope activity planning and sequencing resource planning developing schedules for Traffic Engineering and Building projects.

  • Subhajit PanditOM, Compliance

  • Ramesh Maji Manager, Accounts

  • Nabakumar Santra SOM, Materials

  • Santanu Patra Manager, SOM Projects

  • Subhendu Swar SOM, Laboratory

  • Prasenjit KhanraSM, Projects

  • Souvik Kr. Dhara OM (CO)

  • Arkajyoti SarkarOM

  • Chaiti GuhaSOM (Admin)

  • Sankhadip Patra OM, Projects

  • Bidyut Kumar ShitSOM, LABORATORY

  • Saheb KuntiSOM, LABORATORY

  • Partha Pratim PalOM, LABORATORY

  • Operation Manager
  • Poulomi DasOM, Projects

  • Soumen Pakhira OM, Operation

  • Riju MaityOM, Asset

  • Biswajit DasOM, Operation

  • Srimanta Pakhira OM, Vehicle

  • Partha Pratim Pal Manager, Workshop

  • Manager/Trainee
  • Subham HazraTrainee, LABORATORY

  • Priyanka ChatterjeeOM

  • Subhajit KuntiTrainee