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There's increasing pressure to do more, quickly and precisely, which calls for developing, testing and implementing the newest technologies to tackle these. Digital transformation is at door and becoming architect of the future. Machine integration to the smart concept is the way we should work, an integration of multidisciplinary of engineering to make decision and other tough challenges, is something we at BPC INDIA do best.

  • LiDAR Technology

    Mobile LiDAR

    The system has been tested in many real project for absolute accuracy With Industry leading laser quality, GNSS receiver, IMU, DMI and competent Software which we have had with in-house R&D and with proper planning, absolute accuracy achievable will satisfy the engineering requirements. This mobile lidar system is the best solution on the market for surveying and engineering projects where accuracy, precision and overall cost-effectiveness are paramount. Measurement rate of 1.2 million measurements per second, a 360° unobstructed field of view, engineering grade precision and ability to control several integrated cameras. Alongside, BPCIPL team maintain continuous monitoring of various components for the quality assurance.

    Civil Survey

    BPC INDIA has rich experince of conducting LiDAR survey and its application in different civil projects of Highway development and design, Railway lines, Bridges , tunnels, drain network analysis. for applications such as design to as-built comparison of profiles, calculation of cutting filling, retaining structuctures, protective wall, volume of concreting done post construction, checking of tunnel alignment etc. 3D laser scanning can be used efficiently for scanning proposed roads in hilly terrains which are normally inaccessible and can’t be surveyed with a total station due to high vegetation. LiDAR technology sometimes become handy in detailing of slope stability analysis which very often is required in the projects of North eastern region and Himalayan region.

    Infrastructure Design

    With 15 years of experience in providing services in geospatial engineering, which now includes modern Geometrics such as LiDAR data acquisition in the field of infrastructure development, BPC INDIA has now become one stop design solution with commanding knowledge over the technology and expertise in the field of town planning, smart cities, Highway, Railway and any other infrastructure projects. Our focus is not only on the collection of high precision data but also on the underlying purpose and the requirement.

    Drone LiDAR

    Airborne LIDAR technology is now a proven method for acquiring accurate digital terrain model data and associated imagery under a wide range of conditions. As an active sensor it can be used when other remote sensing tools will not work. Empowered by the modern engineering grade LiDAR we conduct LiDAR survey using a Drone that carries the LiDAR with it helping us in surveys that is not accessible or not covered by roads, or town planning covering a large area, forestry and vegetation monitoring etc.

    Town Planning

    In urban development, the LiDAR Survey is primarily used to generate street view and adjoining structures, all on road facilities and utilities, traffic management tools, using a combination of Mobile/ Terrestrial/ Backpack/ Cart/ Trolley LiDAR System, accompanying 360 degree camera and Aerial Imagery. Wherever required, high resolution still images also captured and used to texture building façade to make them look photorealistic. BPCIPL has capabilities to provide Excellent information for City Modeling.

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  • GIS & Mapping

    Remote sensing & GIS

    BPC INDIA provides numerous GIS services to its clients from time to time based on the project requirement. This allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. The GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization. Finding out best alignment for Road or Railroads by generating alternative alignments and the factors considered are mainly related to the land use, geology, terrain condition topography of the area, ground conditions and possible adverse environmental impacts, drainage, slope. Data from different sources such as topo sheet, soil atlas, Satellite imagery is being integrated, geo-referenced by for finding out the site or alignment based on the purpose of the project. We find potential application of GIS in railway design and management.

    Aerial Mapping

    Orthophotos are sometimes required for planning including the surface models such as contours, breaklines along with the planometric drawing and with the drone mapping system, this has been becoming essential to go for a preliminary survey for finalization of alignment of different utility lines, roads and railways and other purpose such as mining etc. Additionally this enable to have engineering visualization of the project.

    Web Mapping

    Posting of GIS updates, data development efforts, advancements in data viewers, web mapping applications are essential for Central to the collaborative work between the local governments and authorities. Strategic option studies for road network or any mapping and to render the services in prioritization requires geospatial data sharing.

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  • 3D Modeling & BIM

    While at BPC INDIA, 3D laser scanning has become convenient tool data collection, Point cloud data can be easily converted into an accurate 3D CAD model to be used by BIM authoring platform. This takes it to the next level with constructability and coordination for a big size project. The quantities then power the schedule and estimate. It's all one interface, all one workflow, but built in such a way that a change in one model immediately updates the quantities, and therefore, the schedule and estimate. 3D geometric models contain very little intelligence whereas BIM models contain a high level of intelligence. A 3D model includes a three-dimensional geometric representation of the building and infrastructure and a wide array of information associated with each of these elements such as in Highways engineering, Rail and metros.

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  • Road Asset management


    In developing nations like India the road environment is quite complex and heterogeneous in nature So, collection and accurate processing of roadway data along thousands kilometer long road is a big challenge in such a heterogeneous surrounding. Data collection along roadway by various data collection methods gives us important information to make the best possible decisions for road maintenance, safety and management. BPC INDIA provide all the technical assistance to identify the issues impacting the efficiency of the corridor and its deign by mapping of Highways using network survey vehicle enabled of LiDAR technology & GPS system to extract the pavement condition and road infrastructures , evaluating the inventory and asset and other functional parameters such as riding quality, speed, accident potentials and black spot, status of access control, geometrics, traffic information system etc.


    Periodical measurement of road geometry parameters is important for road condition assessment and budget planning for road maintenance. BPCIPL equipped with all pavement evaluation techniques provide the required service in extracting existing assets within the ROW e.g. structures, drains, service roads, utilities, Detailed inventory of existing highway, pavement and structural features; Pavement and Structural Condition survey; Inventory and Condition survey of the existing roadside furniture; Traffic surveys and analysis; Soil and material investigations; Design of overlay/ rehabilitation strategies; if needed, improvement of highway design, rehabilitation of structures, safety aspects, roadside furniture. FWD, Test Pit, Core Cutting, Axle Load Survey, structure condition using Mobile Bridge Inspection unit, GPS coordinates of inventory, Roughness/ Rutting measurement by using laser profilometer, pavement condition assessment using image processing software, high resolution videography through use of drone etc.


    Carrying out of condition surveys will be one of the most important and crucial field tasks under the project, that is taken up by BPC INDIA to regular monitoring of surface defects of pavement by network survey vehicle which is laser based automatic crack detection capabilities enabled with high accuracy GPS, roughness of pavement by laser profilo-meter, structural strength by Falling weight deflectometer and defect in bridges by mobile bridge inspection unit.

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  • Underground Solutions

    Various construction and planning projects require accurate information on underground utilities. Accurate techniques for non-destructive detection of such utilities, therefore, are extremely important. Poor records, improper notification, and excavation errors all contribute to making subsurface utility breaks an often costly but preventable problem. This requires to use GPR with Unprecedented insights and target confidence that detect traditionally non-locatable subsurface features.

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  • Engineering Visualization

    We have pleasure providing 3D visualization to different infrastructure projects with understanding construction sequence, methods and plant, manpower and materials is required to enable effective representation of real-world construction processes. We design the entire visualization in consultation with the Client and based on the requirement and purpose. Our concepts are fresh, crisp and effective. They are minutely detailed as per the marketing and engineering requirements.

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