Highway Engineering

We give A complete solutions for highway engineering

We BPC, the Highway Engineering Expert Consultant in India providing ideas in development of Smart Infrastructure for Roads, Bridges and tunnels, serve from Detailed Project Report to Construction rvision, operation and maintenance.

We are amongst one of the very few companies in Eastern & North Eastern India having in-house expert team and equipment setup to carry out Detailed Project Report for Roads, Bridges and Tunnels including Topography survey, Mobile LiDAR Survey, Geotechnical, Investigation, Road & Bridge Inventory, Pavement Evolution, Traffic Survey & Analysis, Designing of Structure.

We are providing and developing long term strategic planning and consultation for highway projects of our clients in India that offer a total holistic solution package from initial feasibility studies through consent approvals, field survey & investigation, design and Preparation of DPR, to the construction Project management consultancy. BPC has unique skill with technology and has good track record to execute & lease with various departments of Planning and Engineering for Corporate, Private Sectors, Public Institutions and Government Departments.

In our Highway Engineering sector, we already have associated as long-term basis & providing the allied services to the well-known Organizations in India, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea & USA. Our cost effective & realistic approach towards project keeps us inclined to safe and sound engineering with optimized resources. Also we adhere to construction friendly design with following services and solutions.

Topography Survey

We are unparalleled in Highway Engineering Survey as we are the only Specialist Company in Eastern & North Eastern India having in-house modern Mobile LiDAR Survey instrument & Technology which Successfully completed 15000+ Kilometer.

We are providing all types of Topography Survey Services & Solutions by using unique Technology & Software. Other than LiDAR, we have latest number of Leica made DGPS with RTK and Total Station Survey instruments including high-precision Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Echo sounder & 3D Scanner.

Inventory and Condition

We provide different level of detail depending on purpose and project requirement recording the existing physical information along with the condition of Bridges and other Cross drainage structures. We execute with ROMDAS Road & Pavement condition survey equipments for Road Condition, Road Roughness & Benkelman Beam Deflection Test (BBD) etc.

Being equipped with Bridges and Culverts inspection equipments, we ensure a precise and systematic testing to detect structural and functional deficiencies. By taking a proactive role in testing we check and cross-check all the probabilities of structural failure to improve safety and thereby provide prelim recommendations regarding reconstruction or repairing that allow our clients to make decisions in optimization of cost and finding feasible alternatives. We also perform field test such as NDT test, Seismic Refraction test to enumerate the strain dependent dynamic properties and their estimates and ranges of the variations.

Traffic Studies and Viabilities

We have our in house expert in providing the complex Transport Modeling and simulating traffic flows to optimize traffic movement keeping the travel time and demand in proper consideration.

We are very much experienced in providing solutions at smart and effective traffic management, Continually improving strategic road and highway networks, ports and harbors, rail and associated public assets to minimize traffic congestion ensuring speed and safety. Link with Traffic Engineering.

Geotechnical Investigation

Our Specialized geotechnical and geological expertise apply sophisticated approaches for screening-level studies which is a basic for geophysical methods of survey for projects in Foundation Engineering.

Our Geo-engineering professionals are equipped with all variety of soil samplers which helps us to meet the needs of different engineering projects. We indulge in the survey of surface conditions, subsurface soil conditions, groundwater conditions, slope stability analysis, slab base rock thickness, pavement design and pavement drainage.

Instruments & Technology
Geotechnical Rig Soil Boring Rig PLT

Ground Utility Survey

We have grown our in house team for conducting ground utility survey by Ground penetrating radar,a geophysical technology which is generally used for subsurface soil exploration to determine the presence of underground utilities,void and cracks in soil, water layer, rock condition and position etc.

We reply on GPR to detect underground utilities, subsurface cracks, voids, existence of rock, water layer etc. Ground penetrating radar use geophysical technology for subsurface soil exploration. Generally reflected, refracted, absorbed or deviation in polarized radio wave emitted from GPR is traced to determine subsurface utilities and soil conditions.

Material Testing

With professional and technically skilled laboratory experts we have certified lab where we perform all kinds of applicable engineering testing for construction materials and soil.

With our in house laboratory experts we perform different applicable testing for determining all engineering properties of soil like CBR, permeability, shear strength, grain size, different density, Proctor test to find OMC for maximum compaction, grain size distribution etc. For building material like coarse and fine aggregates we perform all testing to judge their engineering. Quality like hardness, soundness, weather resistance, particle size distribution, water absorption, crushing strength etc.

Hydrological Survey

We are enriched with our hydrology experts who deliver safe and cost effective design for hydrological projects as well as for hydrology analysis of all types of bridges.

Our field team collects all kinds of related data from site as well as from different relevant offices and public enquiry which thereafter are used for calculation of catchment area, velocity, design discharge, scour depth etc and designing of waterway, span,height, formation level of bridges and other hydraulic structures. On specific project need we also use GIS for different hydrologic parameters calculation.

Land Acquisition Survey

As for developmental construction land is a basic requirement, we also help our clients with land acquisition survey to prepare land acquisition plan.

We help our clients in making land acquisition plan for projects like road, railway, reservoir, bridges, canals, industries etc where agricultural and non -agricultural land need to be acquired. Initially existing mouza map, village maps are collected from local land collectorate offices and thereafter joint measurement in presence of land-owner is conducted. Afterwards we prepare land plan, prepare valuation and payable compensation analyzing rates obtained from local collectorate offices.

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