Geotechnical Engineering

A complete solutions for Geotechnical engineering

Our Geotechnical Consulting Practice is focussed on providing an integrated service in Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering bringing unique blend of inhouse strength of heavy duty rigs, insitu testing tools and equipments combined with laboratory and technical expertise and extensive practical and on-site experience.

Our Geotechnical Investigation team provides a comprehensive range of services for engineering and infrastructure projects like Bridges, High embankments, Buildings, Factories, towers, Foundations for other load-bearing structures in different terrain conditions like Major Rivers, hilly terrain, large waterways . The Geotechnical division of the company operates its own laboratory, MAT-Lab which in addition to undertaking soil testing for Highways and Substructures, also carries out a wide range of material testing like testing of Aggregates, Concrete, Bitumen and other construction materials. Our Quality control labs give similar support at site during construction.

Our Specialized geotechnical and geological expertise apply sophisticated approaches for screening-level studies which is a basic for geophysical methods of survey for projects in Foundation Engineering. Our Geo-engineering professionals are equipped with all variety of soil samplers which helps us to meet the needs of different engineering projects.

We indulge in the survey of surface conditions, subsurface soil conditions, groundwater conditions, slope stability analysis, slab base rock thickness, pavement design and pavement drainage.

The following are the investigations we perform:

  • Test pits and drill holes for Sub soil Investigation to obtain samples and profile
  • Ground conditions with compilation of site map.
  • Plate Load test, Boring, Drilling, SPT, DCPT & other Soil Survey
  • Extensive laboratory testing of material samples recovered from the investigations, often with all investigation locations surveyed.
  • Index properties of soil, consistency limit of soil, form short profile, Triaxial compression test, Direct shear test, permeability test, consolidation test, CBR test, Standard Proctor Test etc.

Slope Stabilization

Our technologist from geotechnical wing has handsome experience in handling slope stability analysis for all types of terrain.

As landslide is a major problem in hilly terrain with severe rainfall, slope stability analysis is a basic requirement for construction or extension of railway and roadway. Our skilled team collects inventory data from site which includes soil properties as well as site conditions like angle at which the ground soil resides at slope. We also analyse the slope stability for embankment as well as for cutting in road and railway earthworks to ensure the required safe slope for earthworks.

Plate Load Test

Our Geotechnical Engineering team conduct Plate Load test for finding out bearing capacity and settlement of soil in different terrain condition.

Plate Load test is an in-situ soil testing for determining bearing capacity and settlement of Soil. A Pit of 5 times the plate size ( 25 mm thickness and 0.3* 0.3 square or 0.3 m dia circular) and same depth as of foundation is excavated. The plate is loaded with special loading arrangement. Initially a seating load is applied and thereafter 20% load is increased gradually until a settlement of 25mm for normal loading and 0.2mm/ hour for reaction truss loading is obtained.. The settlement of plate is measured by a dial gauge.

From this test a logarithmic graph of load vs settlement is prepared by which the Safe Bearing Capacity corresponding to a standard settlement can be obtained precisely using Factor of Safety and standard formula for different types of soil.

Field Soil Investigation

We have a massive team strength in carrying out field soil investigation and exploration by boring and digging test pits which also includes field soil tests like Plate Load Test (PLT), Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT) etc and by boring we also collect soil sample for testing it further in our own lab.

Laboratory Tests

Our fully equipped soil laboratory is capable of conducting all required tests in collected soil sample such as Index properties tests which include Grain size analysis, Moisture Content, Field Density, Specific Gravity, Consistency, Density Index etc ; Permeability Test; Direct Shear Test; Triaxial Test; Standard Proctor Test; Consolidation Test; CBR Test etc.

Our highly skilled team conduct each and every test very passionately helping us achieving precise test results to judge the exact property and behaviour of soil. The quality of our testing has been highly praised by our clients in different sectors.

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