Geospatial Engineering

A complete solutions for Geospatial Surveying

We are introducing the modern Engineering Grade LiDAR Survey and Mapping Technology for the first ever in Eastern & North Eastern India to provide all types of services like Mobile LiDAR Survey and mapping, Terrestrial LiDAR survey and mapping, Aerial LiDAR survey and mapping , DGPS survey, Road & alignment survey etc.

Equipped with state of the art LiDAR survey Technology with DGPS and Total station equipment, high-precision measurement equipment, BPC survey team is highly experienced in a wide variety of survey projects such as New Highway Alignment, 3-R Project survey, Bridge Deck Overlay survey, Hydropower Contour survey, Bathymetry Survey etc. During construction work we are involved into highway staking, Pipe staking, Bridge staking etc. We go through an accurate measurement of angular deviation, horizontal, vertical and slope distances with computerization, electronic distance measurement (EDM), total stations, GPS surveying and laser scanning devices which have largely supplanted the traditional instruments.

Data collected from survey measurement is converted into a graphical representation of the Earth's surface in the form of a map.

The following categories would demonstrate our potentiality in capturing and monitoring High precision data:

  • LiDAR Survey & Mapping
  • DGPS & RTK Survey
  • Ground utility Survey with GPR
  • All types of Alignment Survey.
  • Area Survey(as built survey)
  • ROW / Acquisition Survey.
  • Construction Stake Out
  • Preparation of Digital Survey Map Drawing
  • Contour maps, Digital terrain Models and Survey Database
  • GIS Data Collection Survey
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control Survey
  • Hydraulic Survey
  • High-Tension Line Survey
  • Gas and Oil Pipeline survey

We do all of our research and field work, creating database, then draw on our Engineering experience to formulate the conclusion that will assist the Client and design team in making well-informed decisions. The electronic data of Site plan is provided to be used by Architect, Engineers and other professional for design process. The data can be processed by DTM and other CAD tools to generate required output. Survey data is collected and presented in a way that engineering decisions can be made efficiently and client's expectation can be made satisfactorily. We also use of satellite imagery and GIS to support Planning decisions

Bathymetric Survey

Bathymetric Survey is the measurement of underwater Depth for lakes, Oceans and other major water bodies by using an echo-sounder to provide safety to surface and subsurface navigation. From this survey we can get seafloor bed as contour lines which is called depth contours or isobaths. LiDAR technology may also be used for preparing Bathymetric maps.

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