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We believe in accurate field investigation and survey, it's quality control, interpretation and analysis that forms the basis of any efficient engineering decision, thereby resulting in cost effective and sustainable developments. Our main emphasis is therefore to provide appropriate services in field investigation and execution to orient detailed engineering design.

  • Highway Engineering

    Design Consultancy

    Detail engineering for various kinds of Highway projects such as prefeasibility study, Feasibility study, Detail project report and pretender services are carried out including inhouse expertise of mapping of existing highways, the pavement condition evaluation and its design, Hydrology study and design of bridges and embankments, environment and social impact assessment, estimation of quantities and project cost and technical schedule.

    Topographical Survey and Mapping

    BPC India Pvt. Ltd. survey team have experience to complete a wide range of survey project in highway new alignment, 3-R project survey Equipped with state of the art DGPS and high-precision measurement equipment. Mapping of Highway using corridor mapping LiDAR consisting of multi laser , digital imaging, global co-ordinate positioning and inhouse processing software along with Inventory and condition survey to be integrated as many ways possible to interpret in a maximum possible way thus to insist most accurate engineering decision in various project development.

    Corridor & Asset management

    BPCIPL offers a wide range of engineering services that support many aspects Measurement of baseline corridor efficiency and development task for the transport sector. we alongside our client to plan develop and maintain transport infrastructure asset effectively and efficiently. This includes pavement , bridge inventory and condition survey and a large spectrum of asset data collection by using a series of equipments including network survey vehicle and software.

    Travel Demand Forecasting

    comprehensive traffic studies and demand forecasting have become increasingly relevant, as apart from providing a basis for required highway capacity and for vital input for pavement design and the facility design of highways. We also evaluate vehicle loading behavior by studying axle load spectrum.

    Hydrology Survey

    We carry out hydraulic study, essential requirement for design of any bridges and collection of data for hydrology modeling for major bridges. BPC offers Bathymetric Survey for a range of Hydrographic application of navigation channel including river training works and development of Ports, river terminals, riverine structure etc.

    Land Acquisition Survey

    We assist client in preparation of land plan and utility relocation plan of the Project showing the existing ROW and proposed additional land required in various stretches for improvement of geometric, construction of new structures, duly verified by the local revenue authorities including 3A & 3D notification along with revenue records & maps for further processing of land acquisition.

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  • Traffic Engineering

    Traffic Survey

    We take up traffic surveys by using different ATCC methods to determine base traffic, Spatial pattern, commodity movement, Loading behavior, Generated Traffic, Developmental Traffic, Diverted Traffic, Revealed and stated preference survey and various market research.

    Transport Solutions

    We bring together experienced professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds to formulate solutions by thoughtful, comprehensive approach that balances technical analysis with community dialogue and captures the unique features of a project whether it is traffic impact assessment, Transport modeling, traffic management or master planning project among the others.

    Strategic Option Study

    Starting from reconnaissance for assessment of field condition, study of road linkage network, proposed development plans, and final selection and prioritisation of road linkage to be improved and recommendation regarding by-pass, grade separators etc. Extensive road network studies has been carried out by BPCIPL.

    Transport and Urban Planning

    We have capabilities dealing with transportation problems with its solution in Intelligent Transport System ( ITS). We offer consultancies of coordinated management of different types of moving transport on the roads of the particular region, including urban, inner city, intracity traffics, surveillance of traffic and various smart city traffic planning, urban congestion etc.

    Safety Consultancy

    We have core expertise in taking up projects of road safety in development period and maintenance period. we also take up Safety Audit During construction to enumerate corrective action required, Review accident black spot, asessment of potential safety hazard and sdequacy and appropriateness of safety appurtenants and their placement.

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  • Geotechnical Engineering

    Subsoil Exploration

    BPCIPL has a core strength of comprehensive and optimal geotechnical solution in varied and challenging site condition. This is achieved by using a truly integrated approach with clients to identify project requirements, undertake complex geotechnical studies and Core capabilities offered by the team are engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and Numerical Analysis in 2D and 3D for design optimisation of different foundation and tunneling.

    Geological Mapping

    Through understanding the origin, deposition history and fundamental characteristics of the materials, we are able to arrive at robust technical solutions. Detail survey being cariied out by aerial survey, processing to 3D image, point cloud data and contour plan. We have dealt with Typical geohazard of slope stability, sinking zone for various highway and railway projects.


    BPCIPL have been involved into many a critical land slide analysis and prevention design work by carrying out carrying out slope stability analysis by finite element method & limit equilibrium method showing creep, slip and sign of instability and thus arrangement of control works, Restrain work, subsurface drainage and proposed stabilisation measure.


    Tunnel alignment selection, liner design, a well-planned site investigation programme, geological and geophysical surveys are the primary activities, BPCIPL been involved for developing a reliable ground model for construction of tunnel.

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  • Geospatial Engineering

    LiDAR Survey and Mapping

    BPC INDIA specialises in LiDAR technology to be used for infrastructure panning, this has been extensively used for design and planning of roads. 3D laser Scanning has been used as an excellent alternative to conventional surveying methods where there is an increased demand to capture topographic details quickly and with all other detail which become crucial during implementation of project; examples include under construction tunnels, highways, bridges, or railway lines. We are a leader in the application of LiDAR technology and information and offering advance transportation solution.

    Ground Penetrating Radar

    We conduct Near surface investigations using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to produce a cross section profile of subsurface The profiles are used for detecting buried utilities, such as, pipes, cables, etc in totally non-destructive manner. expert team can also assess geological condition and pavement thickness and condition for highway projects.

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  • Geophysical Study

    SEISMIC Test

    Depending on the complexity of the project and requirement, Our engineering geology team take help of various geophysical tests encompassing Seismic Refraction test, MASW, cross hole test, Refraction Micro-tremor test and to analyse the graphical output to conclude meaningful decision before taking up exploration work. Block vibration, Electric resistivity test are also carried out in our facility.

    Road Roughness

    BPCIPL is equipped with both the fifth wheel based bump integrator and most recent pavement profile scanner which not only evaluates the road roughness but a comprehensive mapping of all pavement deterioration such as cracking, rutting, potholes and pavement texture.


    We take up health monitoring of existing bridges by conducting proof load test, Rebound hammer test and ultrasonic pulse velocity tests at identified spots per span of bridges


    To obtain a better corelation between the performance of field pavement section and the computed values of critical parameters for structural evaluation and largely being used for pavement rehabilitation purposes.

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  • Laboratory Testing

    Soil Testing

    BPCIPL is equipped with inhouse centralised laboratories for smooth testing of the samples collected from different projects and to install laboratories at project offices on demand basis. We have the Expertise in conducting subsequent laboratory analysis such as Triaxial tests, Direct shear tests, Consolidation tests, Proctor density, Permeability among the others.

    Rock Testing

    Factual reporting of investigations is crucial part of the investigations process, as accurate reports are essential to the subsequent geotechnical properties of rock for tunneling, dam and foundation of bridges. we carry out out specialised test of Deformability of rock materials , stress strain curve, failure energy, Tensile strength of rock materials, Hardness and abrasiveness of rock.

    Aggregate Testing

    We have specialist materials engineers with extensive experience in pavement materials which generally call for Sieve analysis,Elongation index,Flakiness index,Specific gravity,Crushing Value and Impact Strength and Bitumen Testing.

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