About BPC

Consulting and Engineering Partners for Industrial Clients, Infrastructure Company, Private Investors & Government Institutions

BPC Consultant India Pvt Ltd, a premier Consulting Engineering House - started operating in India since the year of 2003.

Who We are

BPC has specialization in the field of Traffic & Transportation, Urban Planning, LiDAR Mapping & GIS, Cloud Data & Web Mapping, Engineering Survey, Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Testing etc equipped with in-house modern instruments and Equipments.

We are privileged to work in the states namely Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland, Sikkim in North East Region & West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha in Eastern Region and Rajasthan, uttar Pradesh, Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc in India under both Government and Private bodies. We work in a close partnership with our clients, providing them clear vision and independent technical, strategic and commercial advice and services for the project through detailed analysis of the specs in that area. We develop our perception with detailed consultation, visit to the site and constant survey of any proposed development. We always stand committed and inculcate the perfect usage of expertise, technology and equipments to achieve excellence in our time bound work.

We offer comprehensive design and engineering services across our key sectors. These encompass all stages of project development, detailed surveys, feasibility studies, master plan and detailed design to construction support, operations and maintenance in the discipline of Civil Engineering such as Highways and Bridges, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning, Geotechnical Engineering, Topography Survey, Engineering Testing and Safety Engineering.

"In over 300 Mega Projects, the company has provided Technical assistance in totality from Field to Lab thus to fit into the Frame work for the analytical design of different elements of Transport infrastructure under both Government and Private Sectors.

Our Working Philosophy

We believe in accurate field investigation and survey, it's quality control, interpretation and analysis that forms the basis of any efficient engineering decision, thereby resulting in cost effective and sustainable developments. Our main emphasis is therefore to provide appropriate services in field investigation and execution to orient detailed engineering design.

Our services are here to support our Clients with throughout solution in the fields of Engineering survey, accurate Data Collection, investigation to Master plan developmental constructions, preparation of Detailed Project Report, Engineering design solution and implementation to Project management consultancy services for completing the projects successfully.

We love to work in close partnership with our clients that helps us understanding their exact needs and thereby provide independent Technical, Technological, strategic, commercial advice to deliver an all-embracing projects for the communities in which we reside.

We believe in long term relationship with clients by providing highest quality services solutions which is reflected by winning repeated orders from many reputed organization Like - TATA Steel, L&T, HCC, IL&FS, AECOM, SMEC, FEEDBACK, JACOB, RITES, IIT-KGP etc are names of few.

" Measured steps, rational thinking with a zeal to achieve is our strength. BPC has a strong trained and young motivated manpower base of engineers qualified in varied disciplines and CAD professionals under few key expert.

Leadership Team

  • Entrepreneur
  • Tusharsubhra De

    Mr. Tusharsubhra DeManaging Director

    Mr. De is a post graduate in Transportation Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has over 15 years of rich professional experience in Highway and transportation. He enjoys the variety of experience in Transportation Engineering including Traffic impact studies, Traffic modeling & analysis, Construction traffic control, Traffic signal analysis and well versatile with Pavement apart from special focus on Geometrics of Highways and streets.

  • Kalyan S Gayen

    Mr. Kalyan S GayenExecutive Director

    Mr. Gayen is a Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of BPC Group. With 15 Years of rich Professional experiences as a Technocrat & Technologist in Various Infrastructure Project like Highway, Railway, Waterway, Hydro Power, Tunnel & Industrial park in combination of Design, Supervision and Field Studies with Design Software competence. The variety of experience in LiDAR scanner Technology, Intelligence Transportation System & IT Infrastructure Strategy Expert.

  • Leadership
  • Dipak Ranjan Bhattacharya

    Mr. Dipak Ranjan Bhattacharyya Director

    Mr. Bhattacharya is a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Business Administration and a Chartered Accountant. He has experience touching almost two decades in Financial Analysis/Consulting/ Due Diligence. He has developed the plan for the entire project and the overall business possibilities for various sectors after conducting market research and risk analysis.

  • Dipankar Chakraborty

    Mr. Dipankar Chakraborty Advisor

    Mr. Chakraborty is a post graduate in Structural Engineering, from IIEST Shibpur & retired SE from WB Govt. He has over 35 years experience in Highway, Bridge, Building and associated with various type of work from planning, design, execution to supervision and contract management. During his career, he innovated and intergraded various type cost effective guard wall for NRRDA.

  • J R Sarkar

    Mr. J R SarkarAdvisor

    Mr. Sarkar has over 40 years of rich professional experience with expertise in Transport Planning, Transportation Engineering at National and International level .Range of expertise includes formulating quality assurance plans (QAP), organizing & successfully completing various traffic studies, Network Planning & development of Traffic Management schemes, traffic safety studies & control measures ,Toll Modeling.

  • Subhendu Seth

    Mr. Subhendu SethAdvisor

    Mr. Seth is a resourceful civil engineer, having more than 20years experienced in highway engineering project from the initial conceptual stage, through feasibility study and to detailed design in India & abroad. He possesses a broad range of technical / leadership skills to provide support for Project Management and technical direction of a multidisciplinary team for preparation of PPR, and DPR. The responsibility includes planning, scheduling and formation of a dedicated task force upto completion of the assignment as per schedule.

  • Subhendu Seth

    Dr. Barin ChaterjeeExpert Geologist

    Dr. Barin Chaterjee is highly qualified and widely experienced in Landslide hazard zonation mapping, Geotechnical and geophysical analysis, Engineering geology and hydrology studies, slope stabilisation work and Hydrogelogical issues. Apart from he served with honor and distinction with GSI, he has many international experience while working with World Bank/ Asian Development Bank Visited Armenia, Czechoslovakia, Bhutan, Nepal, Oman and USA for professional works with more than 10 years of overseas experience. He has number of publication on National and International journal.

  • Mr. Prabal SarkarAdvisor

    A thorough Civil engineering professional in construction industries for more than 30 years in highly competitive environment and always strive for excellence. Throughout his career he has handled projects of every scale and from various sector, which led him to be promoted from being project manager to construction manager and well-respected positions within the industry. He has been expert in the field of business development , project management, contract management and recognised the need of management tools. His special interest in the subject led him to researching new technologies and developing software for Workface Planning, reporting and simulation capabilities.

  • Palash Samanta

    Mr. Palash Samanta Director, Admin Operation

    Mr. Samanta plays a key role for Project Operation Management at site. He has over 14 years of experience in leading topographical survey as well as highway engineering field works and is well known for his passionate work philosophy that is greatly admired by clients in every sector.

  • Sourav Dasgupta

    Mr. Sourav Dasgupta Director, Lead,Technical

    Mr. Dasgupta is widely experienced in Highway / Railway engineering with a good understanding of Engineering surveys and investigation. As a project head, he has been involved in Highway design project, Traffic & Transportation Planning.

  • Jayanta Dhara

    Mr. Jayanta Dhara Director, Admin-Finance

    Mr. Dhara plays the key role Core Administration in the company. He has over 12 years of experience and is responsible for the overall financial activities. He is reputed for his dedicated spontaneous effort that enriches our leadership team.

  • Mr. Niladri DeyHOD, IT

    Mr. Dey has more than 10 years of experience in web and windows application development. He is responsible for providing technical assistance and development of civil engineering software using latest technologies and tools.

  • Management Team
  • Mr. Nisith Patra DGM, Operation

    Mr. Patra plays an important role in Operation Management. He is having more than 8 years of experience in smoothly handling all the financial activities on Highway and railway project sites.

  • Mr. Joytirmoy PakhiraDGM, Materials

    Mr. Pakhira has complete understanding over Soil Exploration work and is responsible for site specific assembly of different Geo-technical equipments. He has been involved in logistic support for large scale Geo-technical work and In-situ investigation.

  • Mr. Biswanath Manna DGM, Accounts

    Mr. Manna is involved in preparation and examination of financial records, accounting, financial reporting, taxation and auditing.

  • Mr. Rajkumar DharaDGM, Laboratory

    Mr. Dhara has been working as the Material Expert in our company. He has immense knowledge in the field of laboratory testings of highway construction materials and quality control and has over 11 years of work experience in various highway, railway and industrial projects.

  • Mr. Bholanath Maity AGM, GLC Division

    Mr. Maity has over 12 years of experience as CAD specialist. He has extensive work experience in the field of Designing. He is known for his expertise in preparation of Plan-Profile and Cross-section drawings of Highways, Bridges and Railway projects.

  • Mr. Biplab MaityAGM, Project

    Mr. Maity carries a rich experience in the field of Highway and Traffic Engineering Projects. He is responsible for site establishments of different Infrastructural projects.

  • Asish Sadhukhan AGM, Projects

    Mr. Sadhukhan is an expert in site related work and in the manages it with his high experience and knowledge in the field.

  • Manas DasAGM, Technical

    Mr. Das has been working in the field of Geo-technical Engineering. He has immense knowledge of Geology and is responsible for preparation of Geo-technical Investigation and geological Report, Rock and Soil Testing and Foundation Designing.

  • Senior Manager
  • Biswarup Chatterjee Sr. Manager, Accounts

    Mr. Chatterjee works as the senior manager of the accounts department and is responsible for fund transfer, bank reconciliation, and preparation of Final statement of accounts etc.

  • Panchananda Santra Sr. Manager, Accounts

    Mr. Santra has vast experience in the field of financial management and accountancy. He also prepares final books and financial statements.

  • Panchanan Santra Sr. Manager, GLC Division

    Mr. Santra holds strong knowledge of CAD and is involved in drawing and design work of Highway and Railway Projects with high-end designing software.

  • Mithun Shikari Sr. Manager, IT

    Mr. Shikari carries a rich experience in the department of Information Technology and Multimedia. He is involved in Web designing and providing technical assistance to the company.

  • Dipak Baishya Sr. Manager, Projects

    Mr. Dipak has rich experience in surveying and is responsible for project management at site.

  • SK Abdul Ahad Sr. Manager, Projects

    Mr. Abdul has done his Diploma in Civil Engineering and is involved in Inventory Survey and Highway Condition Assessment. He plays a key role in assisting Survey projects on site.

  • Navajit Kakati Sr. Manager, Projects

    Mr. Kakati is involved in field surveying and data collection from site. He is mainly responsible for survey work of various projects and field supervision.

  • Pravas Maiti Sr. Manager Projects

    Mr. Pravas Maiti has rich experience in geotechnical and field survey work.

  • Goutam Barik Sr. Manager, Geotechnical

    Mr. Gautam has a Diploma in Civil Engineering and 10 years experience in the field of Geotechnical and Soil testing. He works in the field of geotechnical report prepration, field testing of rock and soil and slope protection work.

  • Subhrajit ChakravortySM, Geo Science

    Mr Subhrajit has done his Masters in Applied Geology from IIEST Shibpur. He has 13+ years of experience in field of Geological & Geotechnical work including Hydro Power Projects, Land Slide Hazard Zonation mapping & detailed scheme for Slope protection & Erosion control measures.

  • Tanmoy Adak Sr. Manager, Geotechnical

    Mr. Adak has done Diploma in Civil Engineering. He is involved in geotechnical survey and geotechnical investigation report preparation.

  • Subhadip Chandra SOM, Geotechnical

    Mr. Chandra has done B.Tech in Civil Engineering. He is involved in preparation of Geotechnical Investigation reports and has strong professional skill in AutoCAD, bore & core log preparation, and soil testing for foundation design.

  • Biswajit Maity Manager, SOM, Admin

    Mr. Maity is involved in all sorts of administrative work of our company and is working as the senior operation manager.

  • Sandip Ghosh SOM, Laboratory

    Mr. Ghosh has done Diploma in Civil Engineering and is involved in Laboratory testing of rock and soil samples collected from projects sites and preparation of laboratory test result datasheets.

  • Nabakumar Santra SOM, Materials

  • Santanu Patra Manager, SOM Projects

  • Prasenjit KhanraSM, Projects

  • Avijit Adak Manager, SOM, Laboratory

  • Subhendu Swar SOM, Laboratory

  • Operation Manager
  • Apurba Borel OM

    Mr. Borel has been working as Junior Engineer in the field of Highway engineering. He is involved in Inventory Survey and Highway Condition Assessment.

  • Asim Jana OM, Projects

    Mr. Jana has successfully completed B.Tech in Civil Engineering and is working in our company as operation manager of projects at site and is involved in topographical and traffic survey work.

  • Souvik Kr. Dhara OM (CO)

  • Palas AdhikaryOM, Accounts

  • Subhajit PanditOM, Compliance

  • Srimanta Pakhira OM, Vehicle

  • Soumen Pakhira OM

  • Samir BhowmikOM, Projects

  • Souvik ChakrabortyOM, Projects

  • Arkajyoti SarkarOM

  • Manas KoleyOM, LAB

  • Subrata DasOM, LAB

  • Manager/ Trainee
  • Ramesh Maji Manager, Accounts

  • Partha Pratim Pal Manager, Workshop

  • Riju MaityManager (CO)

  • Tanmay KuntiManager (HO)

  • Pabitra PaulManager