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We provide different level of detailed safety services depending on purpose and project such as recording the existing physical information along with the condition of all the elements in the project's influence area including utility survey and preparation of strip map. In case of road infrastructure safety a road consists of links, junctions, terminal and parking spaces. The physical characteristics which will influence its use include its current geometrics and pavement structure, its traffic controls (signs, signals, road markings, and parking restrictions),sidewalks, shoulders, adjacent land use, service provision (for example, gas, water, electricity, telephones) and the intensity of non-traffic activities which encroach upon road space (for example, hawkers, builder's materials, market stalls etc). Whereas, for Bridges and culverts, it's important to detect structural and functional deficiencies to minimize the probability of structural failure and to improve safety, therefore, prelim recommendation are given regarding the replacement or repairing of tested parts allowing clients to make rightful decisions regarding cost and alternatives. Our team is equipped with all necessary tools to assess the needful for safety in Highways or new alignment or 3R type and traffic projects. Also to mention, our clients don't have to worry about downtime if one of our safety professionals becomes unavailable due to illness or time off as we have the ability to provide coverage when needed.



  •  Safety consultancy service for Construction of 6-Lane Project from Dankuni to Kharagpur NH-6
     Location: West Bengal
      Client: Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur, India
  •  Safety consultancy service for the stretch of four laning of Sambalpur-Bargarh-Chattisgarh /Odisha Border section of NH-6 from km 0.00 to km 88.00 in the State of Odisha.
     Location: Orissa
      Client: Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur, India