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We are amongst one of the very few companies in Eastern & North Eastern India having in-house expert team and equipment setup to carry out Detailed Project Report for Roads, Bridges and Tunnels including Topography survey, Mobile Lidar Survey, Geotechnical Investigation, Road & Bridge Inventory, Pavement Evolution, Traffic Survey & Analysis, Designing of Structure.

We are providing and developing long term strategic planning and consultation for highway projects of our clients in India that offer a total holistic solution package - from initial feasibility studies through consent approvals, field survey & investigation, design and Preparation of DPR, to the construction Project management consultancy. BPC has unique skill with technology and has good track record to execute & lease with various departments of Planning and Engineering for Corporate, Private Sectors, Public Institutions and Government Departments

In our Highway Engineering sector, we already have associated as long-term basis & providing the allied services to the well-known Organizations in India, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea & USA. Our cost effective & realistic approach towards project keeps us inclined to safe and sound engineering with optimized resources. Also we adhere to construction friendly design with following services and solutions.

BPC undertake the following survey:

  •  Topography Survey:

    We are unparalleled in Highway Engineering Survey and we are the only Specialist Company in Eastern & North Eastern India having in-house Mobile LiDAR Survey instrument & Technology which Successfully completed 15000+ Kilometer. We are providing all types of Topography Survey Services & Solutions by using unique Technology & Software. Other than LiDAR, we have latest number of Leica made DGPS with RTK and Total Station Survey instruments including high-precision Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Echo sounder & 3D Scanner.
    Instruments & Technology:
    Mobile Lidar, DGPS & Total Station, Echo Sounder, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  •  Inventory & Condition Survey:

    We provide different level of detail depending on purpose and project requirement recording the existing physical information along with the condition of Bridges and other Cross drainage structures. We execute with ROMDAS Road & Pavement condition survey type equipments for Road Condition, Road Roughness & Benkelman Beam Deflection Test (BBD) etc. For Bridges and culverts, we have Bridge inspection equipment. We ensure a precise and systematic testing to detect structural and functional deficiencies. By taking a proactive role in testing we check and cross-check all the probabilities of structural failure to improve safety. Our prelim recommendations regarding replacement or repairing allow clients to make decisions in optimization of cost and finding feasible alternatives. We also perform field test such as NDT test, Seismic Refraction test to enumerate the strain dependent dynamic properties and their estimates and ranges of the variations.
    Instruments & Technology:
    Vectra Pavement Scanner, FWD Meter, BBD Test
  •  Traffic Survey & Analysis

  •  Geotechnical Investigation

  •  Road Safety Consultation


  •  Topographical survey, road & Culvert inventory survey, Bridge inventory & Condition Survey, Pavement condition and Material survey, Geotechnical investigations and Hydrology study for 131.09 Km NH standard Road in Manipur.
     Cost: 70.82 Lakh
     Location: Manipur
      Client: SMEC International Pty Ltd, Australia
  •  Preparation of detailed Project report for PMGSY roads
     Cost: 72.44 Lakh
     Location: Jalpaguri, Malda, Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshin Dinajpur, Coachbihar
      Client: WBSRDA, North Bengal circle
  •  Detailed engineering services including Topographical survey, Soil investigation, Materials Survey,Traffic studies, Detailed Project Report & BOQ of 118.59 Km roads
     Cost: 59.26 Lakh
     Location: East Garo hills, West Garo hills district,Meghalaya
      Client: PWD Roads, Govt. of Meghalaya
  •  Detailed Engineering services including Topographical survey, Soil investigation, Traffic studies, Detailed project report & BOQ of 272.29 Km roads.
     Cost: 26.83 Lakh
     Location: Nadia,WB
      Client: WBSRDA, Nadia division, West Bengal